2015 Halloween Classic

Halloween Classic

October 10-11, 2015

It may seem like it's been over a month, but technically it is just one month, (thank you to out going Class President Chris Hennon for the reminder) since our season ending Halloween Classic Regatta. We were delighted that 15 boats made their way back up to Mohican, the site of this year's National Championships.

Paula, Chris and OLIVIA Hennon pulled Paula's new Jet-14, Charlie Englers #1129 all the way up from North Carolina. They were getting things sorted out pretty fast, going from a next to last in their first race to 6th in the second race Sunday. Tom Grace and Paula Pecheco also made the long drive up from North Carolina to spend the weekend sailing with us. Paula bought Tom a new cover for the Jet and she says he jumps at every opportunity to get the rig out on the road and show off #717 at her best............  

It added a little twist when Mike Gemperline was unable to join us, and dad John borrowed the boat and brought sailing legend Kevin Milligan down as crew. Ernie Michlaud teamed up with David Butcher in #1136 again, saying that odds were in their favor for some heavy air at Mohican( sounds like one of the Presidential Debates).........Dave and Sue Michos supported us as they have year after year and Dave did his best impression of someone that loves sailing in the middle of the woods. And speaking of being lost in the woods, Seth Parker was down with the lovely Meghan Beal at crew.

Stewart Fitz Gibbon was unable to sail his Jet so he ran our races for us. First rate start to finish, and not an easy task as, well picture this if you can, the wind was less than ideal.

Saturday was, to be fair, a beautiful day, blue skies, white clouds and temps eventually near 60 deg. The wind forecast was for things starting marginal and going down from there. If we had managed the marginal part it may have been easier to take. Spotty and across the lake. Conditions that required some patience and skill. Enter Brent Barbehenn with my sister Barb crewing. On paper this may not at first look like a very competitive combination, but compared to how they looked in the boat, this was brilliant.

It was still enough on the water that we could over hear them strategizing....Brent: "I think we should head over this way per my tactics matrix, Head for the best wind." Barb: "Yes, that is a splendid plan. We can always come back to the good ideas after we have exhausted yours." How is this brilliant? They still managed three firsts and two seconds.

Ian Moren was steering #1126 with P.J. Blonski on as crew. They were legitimate contenders from the first gun, and the overall win came down to the last race. Very fun. Nate Ireland and Ben Stock in Ben's #698 held true to their wining form at the Nationals with a third overall, with Bridget Ireland with George Auer putting up a solid 4th over all.

Lack of crew had kept Dick Parker from sailing the Nationals and that was not going to happen this time. He tried everyone, even the homeless shelter in Lorain, nothing. Then Tiffany didn't think she could sail.........hmmmmmmm.

Bryan agreed to go and by Sunday they had #1159 moving really well, a 3rd in the fourth race and 5th overall. Well done.

There was a costume party, Cara Sanderson Brown and Steve Gregory looked to be heading for the win, but Seth returned fire by trying four different costumes. True, it was not clear what any of them were supposed to be, but four costumes. I thought his impression of a one eyed cat walking up to me and hissing was pretty good. But then Meghan advised me he was a two eyed cat that had backed up to me.......

Thank you again every one. It is not easy task loading up the boat and making the time to journey and sail for a weekend at Mohican.   But it is much appreciated.

Have a great off season, see you all next year.

Marion Zaugg

Place Sail Skipper Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
1 558 Brent Barbehenn Barb Joudrey 1 1 2 2 1 7
2 1126  Ian Moren P.J. Blonski 2 3 1 1 3 10
3 698  Nate Ireland Ben Stock 3 2 4 4 2 15
4 1147 Bridget Ireland George Auer 4 5 9 9 5 32
5 1159 Dick Parker Bryan Parker 8 4 8 5 8 33
6 1132 Marion Zaugg Mike Fulton 5 8 12 3 7 35
7 1133 Mike Chambers Jon Chambers 10 6 5 10 6 37
8 217 Dave Michos Sue Michos 6 12 3 14 4 39
9 884 Dan Rieber Karen Hugon 11 7 11 8 10 47
10 1136 Ernie Michaud David Butcher 7 13 6 11 12 49
11 665 John Gemperline Kevin Milligan 9 9 14 7 11 50
12 717 Tom Grace Paula Pacheco 12 14 7 12 9 54
13 1129 Chris/Paula Hennon C/P Hennon 14 11 13 6 13 57
14 1076 Seth Parker Meghan Beal 13 10 10 15 14 62
15 1093 Steve Gregory Cara Sanderson Brown 15 15 15 13 15 73

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