2016 Halloween Classic

October 8-9
Mohican Sailing Club, Lucas, OH

We had a lot of fun in our Jet-14’s this weekend. The sun was out, the winds blew, we ate more than we likely needed to and spirits were high, on and off the water.  Really the only down side was the slight guilt we felt for those who have come to our regatta year after year, hoping for just these kinds of conditions, only to miss this year.

Saturday was nearly cloudless with winds in the morning on the back side of a cold front easily gusting into the mid 20’s.  But by race time they had eased just a bit, backing down on occasion to around 10 knots.  But then it would crank up with gusts at or above 20 knots.  Enough for a fair share of break downs and a capsize.  But being fall instead of spring the water was not terribly cold and it was just a beautiful day. 

Dave and Sue Michos reveled in these conditions and likely would have won every race had they not been continuously pinching each other, wondering if they were really at Mohcan or some parallel universe.  It was in fact Nate Ireland and Ben Stock that ended the day at the top of the leader board, fending off a late day charge from Ian Moran and P.J. Blonski.  Just one point back, Bridget Ireland and George Auer.  These four boats traded the lead all around the course every race the whole race.  Just plain fun. 

Always nipping at their heels and challenging for a spot at the front was Dick and Bryan Parker in #1159, and Chuck Connors and Craig Kvale, back in #530 after a three year hiatus for a severe back ailment.  In a solid third going up the second beat in heavy air Connors and Kvale were showing no signs of rust when the jib halyard/rig tension blew up.  Barb Joudrey with heavy air crewing ace Sue Haliway on board in a similar gust had the spinnaker pole blow apart in a gybe.  Young Nick Maude with dad Jonathan crewing was unfazed by the challenging conditions, sailing smoothly and in complete control….”most of the time”, Jonathan. 

After four races, the length of the lake it was in for dinner.  The  number one complaint, the steaks were too big.  It was almost as if Brent Barbehenn had been able to join us again this year after all.  Like the year he complained that the water in the clubhouse was ….”so hard it was not wet enough to shower in”….. In honor of the sadly absent Class President Seth Parker, Tom Grace donned a costume covered with spiders.  We had a great evening sharing stories and eating.

Sunday He-Man.  Ian Moran and Nick Maude, the two youngest at the counter, on their third trip to the grill remarked, compared to this, Denny’s Grand Slam is a joke. 

Back out for three more races in, yes it must be said, more Mohican like squirrely winds.  It didn’t matter, Ian and P.J. had found their groove and sailed off with the series.  Tom Grace and Paula Pacheco found it all much more to their liking and rattled off three fifths. Cara Brown, back in Jet after more than a year away, crewing for me, settled in and sailed extremely well posting a second and first in the final races.

Rounding out the fleet was Ernie Michaud and Ann Roessner, not unusual for Ernie, seemed to win the prize for having the best time at the regatta.  Also returning from last year was Kevin Milligan and David Sugarman, a wonderful new addition to the Jet Fleet.  And the winners of the “B” Fleet, Stewart FitzGibbon with new to sailing and Mohican Mark Gustafson crewing.

Thank you to Mike and Mary Fulton, they ran our races and the kitchen along with Stewart and Heather FitzGibbon and  Tom Wills.  Many club and fleet members prepared dishes to share and set up and cleaned up the club house for our Jet-14 Class guests. 

Have a great off season,  Marion Zaugg #444

Halloween Classic      Race 1   Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7      Total  
1126 Ian Moran PJ Blonski 5 3   1   1 1 1 2 14
698 Nate Ireland Ben Stock 3 1 2 2 2 4 6 20
444 Marion Zaugg Cara Brown 1 7 4 3 3 2 1 21
1147 Bridget Ireland George Auer 4 4 3 4 4 6 4 29
1157 Dave Michos Sue Michos 2 2 5 5 7 3 8 32
1159 Dick Parker Bryan Parker 7 5 6 6 11 7 3 45
717 Tom Grace Paula Pacheco 8 10 8 DNF 5 5 5 54
1136 Ernie Michaud Ann Roessner 9 6 9 7 9 8 7 55
628 Kevin Milligan David Sugerman 11 8 7 8 10 13 12 69
530 Chuck Conners Craig Kvale 6 DNF DNS DNS 8 9 9 71
1051 Nick Maude Jonathan Maude 10 9 10 9 12 12 10 72
94 Barb Joudrey Sue Haliway 12 DNS DNF DNS 6 11 11 79
1161 Stewart FitzGibbon Mark Gustafson DNS DNS DNS DNS 13 10 13 88

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